So you want to know a little more about Thought Asylum ...

What's the history of the site?

This site (Thought Asylum) was born out of three blogs.

The first began back in July 2008 and was a personal little foray into seeing what it was like to publish blog posts about several topics I was interested in.  As with most blogging attempts the initial impetus was big and dwindled over the time.  Pretty much just a few months.

Later that year I attended a work event where a colleague expressed an interest in what sorts of things I did day to day and they suggested that a blog might be a good way to feed into the wider community.  I took this to heart and this was very much where my earnest blogging began.  This was a Wordpress hosted blog called RebootIT and was heavily focussed on technology and my work (unsuprisingly also technology based).

Again I posted regularly to begin with but I found that I frequently wanted to post about smaller snippets of insights that didn't really seem to warrant a "full" post.  This gave rise to another blog which I termed my micro-blog.  The blog was called FlagIT.  I set up some RSS feeds between the two blogs and along with some combined RSS feeds and the (hopefully) obvious IT related titles (/activities) I also added another RSS feed to interesting web pages I bookmarked called SpotIT.

The FlagIT blog was posted to far more frequently and eventually the size and complexity of the post blurred until almost everything was being posted to the FlagIT blog.  The popularity of the posts continued to increase and the number of monthly visits continued to rise  pretty much irrespective of whether I posted or not.  Hopefully this is a sign that the content has been useful to people - I certainly hope so at least.

So 2010 rolls around and by Easter I felt that I'd come full circle in some respect.  I decided that I'd like to continue blogging primarily along technical lines, but also in some other areas that I'd left behind and in new areas that were beginning to creep into my work, likes and experience.

Whilst Wordpress is and I hope will continue to be an absolutely fabulous blogging platform I decided to break out to a different content management system.  Primarily this was so that I could amalgamate my existing blogs into a single fairly coherent entity but also so I could perhaps tap into some other publishing options and widen my scope from just blog posts to other things too.

Why Thought Asylum?

I spent several days trying to think of a name for my site.  As anyone who tries to think of a name for a web site will probably tell you, finding a good name that someone else hasn't thought of yet is really difficult!

The site is effectively a place for me to write my thoughts ideas and reflections.  So I was really drawn to something around 'think tank', but this was very much a dead end in terms of available domain names.

Another element I wanted was something that sounded quite cool to my somewhat geeky brain.  I really liked 'dark cascade', but I felt that this was perhaps not really inspiring for the sorts of topics I was going to write about.  If I was writing Sci-Fi reviews then I think that would be a great choice, but not for this.

After several other ideas (which everyone else had gotten to first) I arrived at 'Thought Asylum'.  The idea of thought is obviously quite central, but the term asylum gives the idea of being a place where things are put for safety ... and it has a dark connotation in many people's minds.  The idea of it being a safe place to house maybe crazy ideas somewhat appealed.

What about the logo?

Well this is a hybrid of some other imagery I found out on the Internet.  I'm not an artist and hopefully the elements that I've pulled in do add some of my own inner (i.e. buried so deep I've never really seen it) artist into it.

I have an avid interest in martial arts as well as technology and the idea was to take an Eastern temple idea and make it a little more dark and perhaps futuristic or ethereal.  Well at least a little odd looking.

This is essentially my idea of what Thought Asylum might look like if it were a physical place.  Somewhere mysterious and dark that holds something important.

Who are you?

Wow if you made it this far you do want to know a lot don't you?  Well just for you there's also some author information available on the site.