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iPhone/iPod Delete and Backspace

Backspace only Backspace onlyI've had an iPod touch for a few months now and I'm a little frustrated by one of the keyboard elements.  The keyboard has a backspace key but has no delete key -  i.e. you can delete characters to the left of the cursor,  but not to the right.

It would be nice to get a tweak in the firmware to convert the backspace key to a delete key.  Whilst initially pressing shift and backspace might seem like the obvious choice this would mean two key presses every time you wanted to delete a character.  Instead of that it would be better to 'change the mode' and so perhaps using caps lock to change the backspace key into a delete key would be a more viable option?

So come on Apple ... just one little tweak.

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I am frequently searching for new articles in the world wide web about this subject. Thanks!!

December 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterthitteOnevink

[...] iPhone has a backspace key but no delete key and is something that I’ve blogged about before. Even though the interface for inputting is very good it is always going to be difficult and being [...]

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