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Huawei E5830 MiFi Case

One of my best technology purchases in 2009 was my Huawei E5830 MiFi.  The best way I have to describe it is like a smart phone without the phone bit.  It connects to a cellular data network and shares the connection over a self-generated WiFi network with up to five other devices such as a laptop or iPod touch.

What I wanted to share was the case for the E5830.  I struggled to find something that I could clip onto a belt or drop into a bag or pocket that wasn't particularly bulky, flimsy or poorly fitting for the device.  Eventually I found that LifeVenture produce a "small digital case" that is perfectly sized for the E5830.  If like me you like to protect your devices and carry them with you everywhere then this is a good purchase.  They're stocked by many outdoors shops and I managed to get it for less than £8 which is less than most phone or camera cases might cost.

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