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Working with Dropbox Files from Drafts on iOS

Like many who blog I keep a list of topic ideas which I plan to blog about at some point. When I get some time to write I pick a topic that I like the look of and get some word thrashed out. I was surprised when I saw something in last week's MacStories members' newsletter that directly related to something rather niche I had on my list.

As I expect you've already guessed, this post is about that particular topic. It's about getting text to and from the iOS app Drafts from Dropbox.

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DropBox Freezes Out Explorer

I've been using DropBox for some time now and I use it in some ways that I think are quite innovative and will be the subject of future blog posts.  However in the last few days I've been having a few problems with Windows Explorer taking forever (well over a minute or two at times) to respond and it responds very sluggishly.  I've managed to track the problem down to DropBox misbehaving.

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