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XYplorer: Copy Last Screenshot Here

Another quick but useful script for the Windows file manager XYplorer today when using it alongside my favourite screenshot application on Windows, Greenshot.

I use Greenshot to capture screenshots on my Windows laptop and as it does so, I have it configured to not only place the image on the Windows clipboard, but also to save it to a folder as a PNG file. This makes it really useful for referring back to later (which happens quite often) and for taking screenshots during online presentations. No pasting images into a Word document for me!

Sometimes however I need to grab a copy of the last screenshot as a file and drop it in a particular folder. This is useful when I need to capture and file away evidence of something. Typically something to do with bugs or system errors. For this reason, since I’d be in XYplorer anyway, I decided to create a simple script to smooth the process.

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Using AutoHotKey to Select the Last ScreenShot from Greenshot

I take a lot of screen shots in my work. They are invaluable in recording issues and producing software instructions and the like. To assist me with taking and saving screen shots I use Greenshot. I have it configured to not only copy the screen shot to the Windows clipboard, but also to save the screen shot to a specific directory.

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Using AutoHotKey and Greenshot for Sharing Screen Shots to a Shared Folder

In my work I regularly have need to take screen shots and to make the process of taking screen shots easier I use the open source utility Greenshot. I have Greenshot configured to not only copy the screen shot to the Windows clipboard, but also to save it to a screen shots directory.

This configuration lets me cover the majority of my use cases, however one thing I find myself needing to do regularly is to share a screen shot with a colleague. This involves copying the (latest) screen shot to a shared folder and putting the file path to the file in a chat window. In order to speed up this process I created an AutoHotKey script to help me.

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