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Mute Your Microphone with Keyboard Maestro

Whilst I’m not a presenter on radio or podcast show, I do actually spend a fair amount of time speaking to people via my computers. I join conference calls, webinars and everything in between. For this I have my trusty Blue Yeti microphone. Not a top of the line microphone, but a notable improvement over the USB Jabra Speakerphone I used previously; though I still use this as my speaker and as my travel microphone.

When I switched to the Blue Yeti I found the mute button fiddly and not always responsive. In fact I really don’t like having to touch a button on the microphone at all whilst using it. It can add a rather unpleasant {thud} to the audio. To this end I began looking for alternatives. Today I’m going to share one of those that I’ve been using for years that uses Keyboard Maestro and a bit of AppleScript to take control of my microphone.

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Auto Managing TextExpander Temporary Snippets

Any Mac user interested in things such as automation and productivity will no doubt have come across TextExpander, Smile Software's utility that allows you to instantly replace a string of text with a different string of text. This can be used to auto correct typographic errors, insert boiler plate chunks of text or even trigger scripts or fill-in forms that can return more dynamic sets of text. Like so many others who start using it I now find it indispensable.

The expansion snippets that people create fall into two time-based categories. Those that you want to use long term/forever and those that you need for just a little while to get the job done. Today I'd like to share a little Mac automation to help with the latter.

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