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Multi-Resource Presentations

I was reading through issue 33 of the MacStories newsletter (to which I'm a paid subscriber) and I spotted an interesting request from one of the readers to do with efficiently creating presentations to have multiple outputs for a small variety of uses. The reader was hoping to find a way to maintain multiple versions automatically when updating source material. The MacStories team called out to other readers for suggestions on addressing this. In this post I'm going to outline my approach to the issue.

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Tackling a Club MacStories DMG Workflow Request

Club MacStories is a membership value add option provided by the rather popular web site. I'm a Club MacStories member and as such receive the weekly newsletter which contains lots of additional Apple related material and articles. In last week's newsletter (issue 24) one of the user questions was around automatically attaching and detaching DMGs and whilst a partial solution was provided, the response also invited readers to round it out to complete the last part. I figured I'd give it a go and share what I came up with.

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