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Employee Central Service Centre Q2 2017 Release

For the first time in our quarterly SAP SuccessFactors release reviews we're including a look at the functionality of a solution known as Employee Central Service Centre; an HR service desk solution that incorporates the employee support functionality of the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer with a SAP Cloud deployed Portal solution known as Ask HR. These elements integrate with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to provide a unified solution for employee support.

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Why HCM Data Quality Matters

There's a an acronym in computer science that holds true in many areas of business including that of HCM - GIGO. It stands for "Garbage In, Garbage Out" and refers to the fact that computers will process things literally and if you enter data that is no good you'll end up with data that is no good. Even when you put an intelligent human in the mix and give them poor quality data you're more than likely to end up with rubbish results.

So what impact does this have on businesses?

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Transitioning Between 3.0 and 4.0 in Visualization Solutions by Nakisa

In November 2012 Nakisa released the latest version (4.0) of their visualization product suite and with it a number of changes to the availability of modules, nomenclature and licensing. In this post I’m going to outline some of the importance of these changes in an attempt to try to help translate between versions for anyone who might be considering upgrading or applying unused existing licenses (shelf-ware).

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Hands on with Nakisa OrgHub for Mobile

Today Nakisa formally launched their new OrgHub for Mobile application onto the Apple App Store. It seems every man and his dog seem to be developing mobile applications to serve up corporate data and services, so how does this new application stack up?

In this post I aim to give you my thoughts and experiences of working hands-on with this application and to give you a view of the usability and features. I’ve included an entire gallery of actual screen shots so you can get a feel for what is available in case you don’t have access to the necessary hardware to test run the application for yourself. In fact there are so many screen shots used that I had to split this into two SCN posts. I guess that's what you get for working with visualization software!

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Stephen Millard - SAP Community Network Member of the Month 2013

2013 got off to a great start for me - I was selected from millions of people as the SAP Community Network's Member of the Month.

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SCN Contribution - What now?

I hope at least some of you have been following my posts of the last week about contributing to SCN. In this my final post in the series I thought I'd just wrap things up with a bit of a summary of what's come before, some background to the series and something a little special that I hope all of you will take the opportunity to join in.

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SCN Contribution - Improving contributions to SCN

Creating something new is one of the most rewarding things you can do and for the last few days I've been posting about why, what and how to do just that on the SAP Community Network (SCN). In this post I'm going to take a look at some examples of things we can all do to improve the content we see on SCN. Whilst it isn't an exhaustive list by any means (that would be impossible) and whilst you may in fact do all of these things I hope there's at least one thing in here that can help improve what we have.

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SCN Contribution - How much should I contribute to SCN?

If you've been following my previous posts on whether you should contribute to SCN and how you can contribute to SCN I would hope that by now you have made some sort of commitment to yourself that you will be adding some great content in the very near future. However there's something I haven't discussed yet and that's about how much to contribute.

You might imagine that it's simply a case of contributing as much as you can as often as you can - which is an admirable view to have. However I think it's worth taking a moment to consider just how much you are willing and how much you can afford to share. Giving everything may be the way to go or you might find you want to dial it back a little bit.

Let me explain….

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SCN Contribution - How can I contribute to SCN?

In my first blog post in this series on contributing to SCN I wrote about making the decision to contribute to the SAP Community Network (SCN). In this blog post I'm going to take a look at some of the ways in which you can contribute to SCN. From what might qualify as a contribution, through to the different ways and mediums that SCN can allow you to create and publish your contributions. Finally we'll take a look at some ideas for the sorts of things you might like to consider for your next or even first contribution.

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SCN Contribution - Should I contribute to SCN

A little under a year ago I joined the world of SAP. I've been working in IT for some time now in a wide variety of roles, but it is only relatively recently that I've entered into the mysterious and at times daunting world of SAP. Whilst I have experienced and helpful colleagues I can call upon for assistance they are not my only source of the latest SAP related information.

The SAP Community Network (SCN) is something I actually came across whilst preparing for my original interview and has been on my browser bookmarks list ever since. Quite honestly it's a gem of a resource for anyone involved with SAP and I try to set aside a bit of time each day to at least have a read through some of the ever growing repository of information.

If you're reading this I'd probably be wasting my time if I tried to explain to you why it's so useful. However some people only really use a fraction of SCN. They only consume the content.

This is the first of a short series of posts where I'm going to explore the experience of contributing to SCN and to kick things off I'm going to take a look at the question "should I contribute to SCN?"

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