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Word - Refresh All Fields

In my work, I write a lot of documents. A surprising amount in fact, probably equalled only by the number of spreadsheets. The majority of these (Microsoft Word) documents are produced for clients and I like to ensure as, best I can, that they are not only accurate but well presented. However, in order to simplify document production I make judicious use of templating and Word's fields functionality. I use not only standard fields but also custom ones as well to update content in multiple places simultaneously on refresh.

Refreshing is as easy as selecting all (CTRl+A) and then pressing my PC's F9 key ... or rather it's that easy for fields that are in the body of the document. Unfortunately, I also use fields in headers and footers where this update does not work automatically.

But there is a better way...

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Batch Generating Worksheet Hyperlinks in Excel

In my work I often find myself building spreadsheets to carry out calculations, manage sophisticated processes and capture information. These spreadsheets can often extend to covering many worksheets and as a result it can be awkwardly slow to navigate to particular worksheets just by paging back and forth with the navigation buttons.

In this post I'm going to illustrate a couple of useful techniques to help you navigate around.

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24 Hour Clock Calculations in Excel

Recently I've been doing some work with Excel to carry out some time calculations based on the results of an automated job. The job is sometimes triggered one night and finishes in the early hours of the next morning. After loading the figures into Excel I discovered that time calculations aren't always as simple as subtraction when times cross midnight. A quick test later and I had a workable solution that I thought might be useful to share.

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