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Word - Refresh All Fields

In my work, I write a lot of documents. A surprising amount in fact, probably equalled only by the number of spreadsheets. The majority of these (Microsoft Word) documents are produced for clients and I like to ensure as, best I can, that they are not only accurate but well presented. However, in order to simplify document production I make judicious use of templating and Word's fields functionality. I use not only standard fields but also custom ones as well to update content in multiple places simultaneously on refresh.

Refreshing is as easy as selecting all (CTRl+A) and then pressing my PC's F9 key ... or rather it's that easy for fields that are in the body of the document. Unfortunately, I also use fields in headers and footers where this update does not work automatically.

But there is a better way...

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PDF Quick Save in Word 2007

I've been doing quite a bit of writing in Microsoft Word 2007 recently and each document I've produced needs to be saved as a PDF. Fortunately this version of Word offers a nice plugin feature to do just that. However it's several clicks to do and I wanted to see if I could make it any quicker.

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Finding the size of a Microsoft Office 2007 file

Prior to Microsoft Office 2007 (MSO2007), office provided a quick and simple way to find out just how big your file was.  This was done by selecting the properties option from the file menu which then displayed the same file properties dialog box that you could select from the file in Windows Explorer.

In MSO2007 the information is still available, but has been annoyingly 'hidden' somewhat deeper in the application.  In fact it is so awkwardly hidden that I know many people have not come across how to access it ... so I thought I'd share.

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Overlaid Text Display Problem

I came across a bizarre issue today in Microsoft Word. A user had a document containing a set of information laid out in a tabular format where the text in each cell was being condensed and overlaid so that the text was all being placed one character on top of another.

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Developer Tabs and Drop Down Lists in Word 2007

It seems that drop down lists are the in thing at work right about now.  One of my colleagues dropped by with a query about creating drop down lists in Word 2007.  So this is how to go about doing it...

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Word - Creating Sample Text

Microsoft Word has a little known feature (unless you happen to have read Microsoft Knowledgebase Article 212251 of course) that allows you to create large amounts of sample text using what's in effect an inline macro command.  Microsoft Word 2007 has a wider range of macro commands than previous versions, but I'll describe the 2007 versions here.

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