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XYplorer: Copy Last Screenshot Here

Another quick but useful script for the Windows file manager XYplorer today when using it alongside my favourite screenshot application on Windows, Greenshot.

I use Greenshot to capture screenshots on my Windows laptop and as it does so, I have it configured to not only place the image on the Windows clipboard, but also to save it to a folder as a PNG file. This makes it really useful for referring back to later (which happens quite often) and for taking screenshots during online presentations. No pasting images into a Word document for me!

Sometimes however I need to grab a copy of the last screenshot as a file and drop it in a particular folder. This is useful when I need to capture and file away evidence of something. Typically something to do with bugs or system errors. For this reason, since I’d be in XYplorer anyway, I decided to create a simple script to smooth the process.

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XYplorer: Concatenating Files

Today I’m going to share an XYplorer script for combining files through concatenation - i.e. merging them together by appending the files to one another in order to create a new combined file. Whilst it isn’t the sort of script I use everyday it does speed up the occasions when I need to combine plain text based files into a single file; in my case often for post-test data loading.

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XYplorer: Create a Time Stamped ZIP Folder

Something I find I need to do quite regularly is take a snap shot of a folder. For the purposes of saving space (and often for passing on the folder to someone else) I like to compress the folder into a ZIP archive and prefix the current time stamp to the file name.

This little activity was perfect for a bit of automation and so I created a little script in XYplorer (my Windows file manager of choice) to make this as easy as clicking a button.

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Duplicating Tabs in XYplorer

XYplorer is my preferred file manager on Windows. It contains a large number of features that are just too enticing for someone like me to pass up so it came as little bit of a surprise to me when in its tab based interface I couldn't find a way to quickly duplicate a tab. However XYplorer is a scriptable file manager so it was a pretty easy to create a solution.

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Enabling XYplorer for Checking XML

Working with data and configuration files is a part of my day job and this presents me with many opportunities to automate the things I need to do with them. Recently I had a need to check a large set of XML files to make sure there were no obvious errors in them and the approach I settled on was to integrate a command line tool into XYplorer - my Windows file manager of choice.

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How to Trigger DiffMerge from XYplorer

As part of my day job I work with lots of files and one of the common activities I need to carry out is to compare the contents of those files to find omissions and inconsistencies. Fortunately most of the files I need to compare are pure text based files (e.g. XML, XSL, LOG, TXT, INI) and there are plenty of tools available to help work with those files. To work with files in general on Windows I make use of the XYplorer file manager and fortunately for me it is pretty easy to integrate my comparison tool of choice into it.

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How to Trigger File Locator Lite from XYplorer

A month or two ago I had a bit of a problem with Windows Explorer and Google Drive that was rather painful. I lost a day of work to putting right an issue that simply shouldn't have occurred and to be honest I'm quite glad it happened to me and not one of my colleagues as I imagine that for many of them things would have ended a lot worse. It was at this point that I began looking at alternatives to Windows Explorer.

I figured there must be better options out there and probably ones with powerful features I could utilise. I wasn't wrong. There were quite a number. I settled on one that I have been incredibly happy with and appears to be rock solid with some amazing features. I expect I'll blog about quite a few of the ways I'm using my new file manager; starting today with just a simple little tweak that I found rather useful that involves another file management tool I use on a frequent basis.

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