Snippet Groups

As an avid TextExpander user on both OS X and iOS I have come up with quite a number of snippets.  Whilst many of these would only be of use to me there are some that I think others might be able to make use of.  So in the open spirit of Internet sharing you can get them on this site.  They are provided as is and with no warranty of any sort.  Use them at your own risk, but they work for me so hopefully they'll work for you too.

Below is a list of the snippet groups I've created.  Click on the links to visit the page about each group.  As well as download links to the snippet groups (which you can then import directly into TextExpander), it documents briefly each of the snippets including what it is for and what the abbreviation is to call it.  Where I've blogged in more detail about a snippet it also links through to that post

  • Group: Dates

    The Thought Asylum - Dates snippets group provides TextExpander snippets to insert formatted dates and time stamps.

  • Group: Miscellaneous

    The Thought Asylum - Miscellaneous snippets group provides TextExpander snippets to do various other things.  Basically if they didn't fit neatly into another snippet group or warrant the creation of a new one (yet), then they have ended up in here.

  • Group: Shell Commands

    The Thought Asylum - Shell Commands snippets group provides TextExpander snippets to automate getting information via some automation around executing shell commands on OS X.  This snippet group is therefore very much OS X focussed.

  • Group: Symbols

    The Thought Asylum - Symbols snippets group provides TextExpander snippets to insert various useful symbols (typographic, mathematical, etc.).

  • Group: Text

    The Thought Asylum - Text snippets group provides TextExpander snippets to process and format text.  Either working with fill-ins or more frequently the clipboard, these snippets will transform tour text in a variety of very useful ways.

  • Group: TextExpander

    The Thought Asylum - TextExpander snippets group provides TextExpander snippets that use the AppleScript-ability of TextExpander to return information about or work with TextExpander.  A very "meta" snippet group.  Because this is AppleScript focussed, the snippets in this group will not function on iOS.

  • Group: Web

    The Thought Asylum - Web snippets group provides TextExpander snippets based on working with web technologies (such as HTML), external web services or even your web browser .