Thought Asylum - Miscellaneous


The Thought Asylum - Miscellaneous snippet group is a collection of TextExpander snippets that didn't easily fit (yet) into another snippet group. Snippets in this group could be of any type and could be for anything.


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Before you download and use this snippet group, please take note that it is provided without any guarantee of safe use, viability or suitability. You will use it at your own risk. But hopefully it will work as well for you as it does for me.

Additional Snippets

I cannot guarantee when or if more snippets will be added to this snippet group, but if you have any suggestions you would like me to consider for future updates, please feel free to ping a suggestion to @sylumer on Twitter.


Remove TextExpander JavaScript Addition from Plain Text [Clipboard]

Abbreviation: ptjs2js

Mobile Compatible: Yes


If you accidentally create a TextExpander JavaScript snippet as plain text and switch it to JavaScript, copy the content to the clipboard and run this snippet. It will output the original content stripping out the extra JavaScript it wrapped the content in.

More Information: None.