XYplorer is a file manager application for Windows developed by Donald Lessau that takes file management on Windows to an unprecedented level.  Whilst at the time of writing this, it remains a 32-bit application it delivers an incredible amount of functionality.  I'm a heavey user of so many features these days I couldn't possibly go into full details on them, but I can list some of my favourites.

  • Scripting.
  • Catalogs.
  • Multi-tab panes & tab sets.
  • Customisable keyboard shortcuts, buttons and aliases.
  • Tags.
  • Highlighting.
  • Hover previews.
  • Paper folders.

Whilst I have a lifetime license (yes it really is that good!), I do also use the now discontinued freeware version on devices where my license and/or external constraints preclude me being able to deploy the application.  I would certainly recommend anyone reading this at least checks out that version or the trial version to get a real feel for the application.

I've written several posts about XYplorer.  These are mostly around some of the scripts I've created to process files, launch helper applications and more.  These posts are listed below.