Fix anything with the ultimate MacGyver tool

The shine may have rubbed off a little and the mullet dated somewhat but I still have a soft spot for the MacGyver series and I still wish today that I knew 1% of what he did and could do 1% of what he could with a roll of gaffer tape and a pen knife.  Unfortunately I ever did manage to cram everything into my head.

Macgyver Multi-toolHowever I was very impressed when I came across the ultimate MacGyver multi-tool and thinking about it I have actually lost track of the number of times I’ve actually used this tool to fix some problem or other.  Who needs a Leatherman multi-tool or the like when armed with one of these?

I do think I’ve moved beyond gaffer tape these days.  Whilst it is great stuff I came into the possession of something called Gorilla tape.  This stuff is amazing!  Its a struggle to unstick it from itself  and so the sheer sticking power is very impressive.  Like gaffer tape though its easy enough to rip a piece off  (once you’ve unstuck it some more).

Perhaps if the Jared Padalecki(of Supernatural fame) - Young Macgyver pilot restarts then a Leatherman, Gorilla tape and the original MacGyver multi-tool could herald a new generation of bodgers.  I bet he’d win Scrapheap Challenge (U.S. Junkyard Wars) for sure!

Author: Stephen Millard
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