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I’ve already raved about NoteTab and now there’s a great reason to rave some more.  The free version of NoteTab is NoteTab Light and I’ve been using this for many years both when I was a student and in a working environment where getting people to sign off software purchases for software like this was incredibly difficult.  It has been simply superb and I’m sure will be for many years to come.

There are two paid for versions that provide sets of enhanced features.  The first is NoteTab Standard and the second NoteTab Pro (my favourite and the one I use at home).  But after upgrading my version of NoteTab Pro a few days ago the inbuilt news update alerted me to a special offer where I could get NoteTab Standard for free!

This offer is available via trialpay.com, and in order to qualify you simply need to go through a process where you sign up to use or trial a service.   This is the point where everyone probably gets that nervous feeling - I did too … but persistence will pay off.   One of the options is to sign up to a service called PhotoBox.   This web site offers you free photo albums online, prints, etc.  and is an option I found where there was no transfer of any bank details or agreement to any other sort of “you must pay” service.

After signing up on TrialPay using my “signing up for stuff on the Internet” e-mail account, I received a link to download the software.  It took several hours rather than several minutes, but it did come through and everything worked like a charm.

The version available for download was not quite the latest version, but immediately after installing it I used the inbuilt updater to download and install the latest version (v5.71) of the software.

This free download of NoteTab Standard now means that I can update NoteTab outline files (OTL files) using a perfectly legal piece of software I’ve popped onto my work computer which is something I’d previously had to use a special clip library I’d developed to achieve.   This feature alone for me makes this worth the effort, but there’s a raft of features that the Standard version has over the Light.

The full comparison chart is available on the NoteTab.com web site.

Whilst NoteTab Standard is even better than the Light version I would still recommend anyone who uses text editors a lot to consider investing in NoteTab Pro.   Personally I think that the additional features over NoteTab Standard still make it a worthwhile investment.

Author: Stephen Millard
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