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There are lots of different photo albums out there available to upload your photos to.  I’ve looked before at flickr and I even have a photobucket account somewhere, but I had a situation recently where these didn’t quite fit my needs.

After a bit of a mix up at my wedding I wanted to find some way of setting up an on-line album that I could let friends and family upload to and also provide somewhere to upload photos to when my wife and I were on honeymoon to let everyone know what a wonderful time we were both having.

In my search I came across myphotoalbum

It has had a few maintenance problems in the last few weeks (which was annoying at the time) that stopped us uploading new photographs for just over a day, but overall the service has been good and it has some very nice features:

  • Your own sub domain (e.g. http://thermalspindle.myphotoalbum.com)
  • Upload an unlimited number of files
  • Upload videos too
  • Granular permission (for viewing, uploading, administering, etc)
  • Multiple albums and multiple levels of “sub-albuming”.
  • Tagging
  • RSS feeds
  • Various upload methods (I’ve used the on-line and downloadable JAVA tools and they work well)
  • This is all absolutely free!

“Club” membership also removes the advertisements and provides access to a wider range of themes and layout options.

Overall this has been really useful and we’ve been busily passing on the URL to our friends and work colleagues when asked about our holiday/honeymoon.  I guess this site will start appearing on the web filter at work for the next week or so.

Author: Stephen Millard
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