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I’ve been working on a few updates on web sites recently and like many web site developers I have been struggling with some nice browser based variations.  I hope one day to find that Internet Explorer will actually display pages the same way every other browser seems to be able to without a special style sheet tweak or HTML workaround.

Anyway a few of the issues I encountered were resolved by adjusting element positions on screen.  Rather than my usual trial and error binomial approach to positioning, I decided to try some Windows compatible on screen rulers.  One ruler stood out from the others of being able to do everything I seemed to want  to and in the easiest way.

The ruler is simply called Screen Ruler from WonderWebWare.com.  The features I found that were most useful were:

  • It allows you to set the units of measurement.
  • It allows you to measure in two dimensions at once (without having to rotate the ruler).
  • It provides guide rules with digital readouts of their positions.
  • You can set a transparency level.
  • It can be set to be always on top.

Screen Ruler

It is available as a simple standalone executable so you could even just drop it on your USB stick to use as a portable application.  I’d recommend downloading this free (but you can donate to the program’s author) utility if you ever find yourself working with precise positions on your PC screen.

Author: Stephen Millard
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