NoteTab Clipping - Binary Clip Wizard Options

NoteTab clipping uses the clip wizard functionality to produce sophisticated input dialog windows to obtain information from the user.  There is however a strange view produced when looking at a single check box. The clip code shown below shows the various pieces of clip code used and below that are the discussions of the approach and options along with the screen shots of what the clip wizard produces.

H="Single check box 1"
^!Info ^?[(T=A)Check a setting to enable it=Setting-1]

H="Single check box 2"
^!Info ^?[(T=A)Check a setting to enable it=Setting-2|]

H="Single check box 3"
^!Info ^?[(T=A)Check a setting to enable it=|Setting-3]

H="Dual option combo-box 4"
^!Info ^?[(T=C)Setting-4==_Yes|No]
No box to tick
Display too narrow
Ghost check box
Combo box with two options

The first clip uses some clip code that should display an array of check boxes … but just a single check box as shown in the first screen shot on the right. The odd thing is that the check box is missing.  This happens on both Windows Vista and Windows XP so I think it used to happen when I ran Windows 98.  So what can be done to rectify this?

Given that the array of check boxes does work for more than one check box, I thought I’d try conning NoteTab into thinking that there might be more than one check box.  This was done in the second clip by adding a pipe character after the first array item, but not then adding any additional items.  The result of this can be seen in the second screen shot where the bottom of the display of the text field seems to be too high making it difficult to read … but at least the check box had appeared.

The third option attempted was to see what happened if the pipe was shifted to come before the first item of the array rather than after it.  Unsurprisingly this generated an empty of “ghost” item in the list of check boxes as can be seen in the third screen shot.

Because none of these worked and I couldn’t find an easy way to pass and evaluate a newline token to the clip wizard (which could have added an extra line for the second option to expand the field’s height), I took a sideways step and created a fourth option with a drop down list (combo box) with two options  This seems to be the most reliable and elegant solution for a single binary option.

Author: Stephen Millard
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