Can't XPerience a canvas

Microsoft Office Labs have launched an exciting new addition to One Note - Canvas for One Note.  This is the same idea as pptPlex for PowerPoint and instead off slides it amalgamates One Note notebook pages into a single canvas.  You can then zoom in and out and edit pages on a desktop like layout.

I was keen to give it a try, but unfortunately it currently only installs on Vista or a newer Windows operating system.  pptPlex will run on Windows XP so this was a bit of a surprise to me when I tried installing it (though in fairness the download page does list Vista as a pre-requisite).  Surely if pptPlex can run on XP OneNote can too….

According to a discussion thread on the Office Labs site there’s an idea that this limitation is actually down to the installer rather than the software so here’s to hoping that Office Labs do themselves a favour and widen their test base by offering an XP compatible installer.

Author: Stephen Millard
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