Basic Plain Old Phone Ring Tone

Since I had my Omina problems the other week (it’s about to go in for repair as there are still some strange hardware issues) I lost lots of basic information on the phone.  One of the things I lost was the ring tone.  I can’t remember what I had before, but I like to have something simple and professional that won’t cost me and won’t embarrass me in the office.  I don’t want the latest polyphonic chart hit blaring from my pocket as I sit at my desk.

I spent a little while trawling the web and it’s growing more difficult every time I get a phone to find such a ring tone (and I always forget where I saved a copy).  This time around I decided I’d see what I could do myself.  With a bit of sampling and Audacity I created a simple oscillating tone followed by a brief silence and repeated it a few timeshen this is repeated. It sounds quite like an old simple mobile phone ring tone … simple, obvious, and for me just what I wanted.

To add the file to the the Omnia it just needs to be downloaded and placed into the \\My Device\Application Data\Sounds\ directory.  Then the file can be selected as a ring tone from the phone drop down list in the phone settings - it appears as the file name without the extension.

Author: Stephen Millard
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