Skype and Web Servers

I briefly had a problem with the web server that’s running my personal wiki yesterday.  Try as I might it just wouldn’t start-up.  I hadn’t had a problem before and after three or four attempts at clicking the start option I took a step back and surveyed my machine - a useful option in many circumstances.

I spotted the culprit straight away as I had come across the issue before - Skype.  When Skype starts up if the default port (51907 on my current instance of Skype) is unavailable (because another application is using it or more likely a firewall is blocking it) it tries to set-up on a port that is more likely to be available - 80 or 443 which are used by web servers for insecure and secure traffic respectively.

Whilst there is an advanced option in Skype to force it away from these two alternative ports often there are no other convenient ones to choose from.  This is because it is good practice security to block unused ports and Skype isn’t always a top runner so to speak on ports to have open.

The moral of the story is simple - start your web server before you start Skype.

However this got me to wondering what else might pick a port that could conflict and how would you know what it was without just systematically working through all the applications and services you have running … which for me could be a large number.  My solution was to use some DOS commands.  NETSTAT can be used to examine what ports are in use by what processes.  TASKLIST can be used then to identify the executable.

To smooth things over a little I’ve concocted a little script to automate this process.  It’s really just a bit of a nicer front end to the whole thing and whilst several command prompt windows may briefly flash up as it runs, the script will take in the information from the commands and process them to filter out the pertinent information.

Option Explicit

Dim objCommandPort
Dim astrResults
Dim astrInfoLine
Dim strOutput
Dim strPortCommand
Dim strPID
Dim strApps

strPortCommand = "netstat -ano"

set objCommandPort = New clsDOSCommandExecutor

strOutput = objCommandPort.GetOutput
astrResults = split(strOutput, vbCrLf)

strApps = "PORT: APPLICATION" & vbCrLf
AssessPort "80"
strApps = strApps & vbCrLf
AssessPort "443"

MsgBox strApps, vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Applications using web server ports"

Sub AssessPort(p_strPort)
    Dim intCounter

    For intCounter = 1 to Ubound(astrResults)
        If inStr(astrResults(intCounter), ":" & p_strPort) > 0 Then
            astrInfoLine = split(astrResults(intCounter))
            strPID = astrInfoLine(ubound(astrInfoLine))
            strApps = strApps & vbCrLf & p_strPort & ": " & AppOnPort(strPID)
        End If
End Sub

Function AppOnPort(p_strPID)
    Dim objCommandPID
    Dim strPIDCommand
    Dim strPIDOut
    Dim astrPIDOut

    set objCommandPID = New clsDOSCommandExecutor
    strPIDCommand = "tasklist /fi ""PID eq " & p_strPID & """"


    strPIDOut = Right(objCommandPID.GetOutput, len(objCommandPID.GetOutput) - inStrRev(objCommandPID.GetOutput, "=" & vbcrlf))
    astrPIDOut = split(strPIDOut)

    AppOnPort = Replace(astrPIDout(0), vbCrLf, "")
End Function

Class clsDOSCommandExecutor
    Dim objShell, objExec
    Dim strCommand
    Dim strError
    Dim objError
    Dim objOutput
    Dim strOutput

    Sub ExecuteCommand(p_strCommand)
        strCommand = "cmd /c " & p_strCommand
        Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell" )


        Set objExec = objShell.Exec(strCommand)

        Do Until objExec.Status
            Wscript.Sleep 200

        Set objError = objExec.StdErr
        strError = objError.ReadAll

        Set objOutput = objExec.stdOut
        strOutput = objOutput.ReadAll
    End Sub

    Function GetOutput()
        GetOutput = strOutput
    End Function

    Function GetError()
        GetError = strError
    End Function

    Function Failed()
        If strError = "" Then
            Failed = false
            Failed = true
        End If
    End Function
End Class
Author: Stephen Millard
Tags: | vbs |

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