Apple Rumour: iPhone Touch Sensitive Back

A day or two ago Bloomberg published an article that featured a rumour that the next generation iPhone might conceivably include a touch sensitive back like Apple’s latest magic mouse.  This surely has to be some sort of joke?

Apple are experienced designers and whilst not everyone might like the new touch sensitive mouse design it is functional.  Would Apple really add a touch sensitive back to the phone?  In my opinion, only if they hadn’t really considered the fact that people use cases and transfers.

There are a great number of people who choose protective and/or stylish cases for their expensive iPhones and since they are so popular some people go a little further and add stickers or transfers to the back of the device to be able to identify it from another person’s phone.  Whilst in a similar way to screen protectors I think it should be possible to produce a compatible transfer that enables the touch to work, I still can’t help but think that cases might still result in a bit of an issue should Apple have opted for this feature.

Do you think Apple will do this?  If they do is it the right decision?  I guess that there’s a good chance we may get a clue in a few weeks time when Apple make some announcements on the 26th January.

Author: Stephen Millard
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