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I love Evernote and the flexibility it gives me to carry my information with me everywhere. What I also make use of from time to time is the option to share information with other people. Typically I share it with other individuals by sharing a notebook with them specifically or simply by e-mailing the content of the note directly to them.

What I don’t do so often is share information with “everyone”, but Evernote does provide a way to do that and here’s how it’s done.

1. Log into your Evernote account on

2. Create a new notebook for sharing with the public at large.

  1. Select the “Sharing” option beneath the notebooks list - it displays an option called “sharing setup”.

  2. Click the “Start Sharing” button next to the notebook you created.

  3. Click the “Start Sharing with the world” option and you will be provided with a URL for accessing the notebook.  e.g.

Now you can simply pass the URL for the notebook on to anyone you want to access it - in an e-mail, a tweet or even on a web page.  If you want to share a specific note then there are a few additional but simple extra steps.

  1. Make sure the note is in your publicly shared notebook and navigate to it in your browser.

  2. Copy the URL for the note from the browser’s address bar and pass it on.

I told you it was simple, but I know some people have had problems in the past just because they expected to find an option on the note to share it directly.

Author: Stephen Millard
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