Mass Tweet Delete

A few days ago my partner was having a problem with her organisation’s Twitter feed.  Part of their feed is driven by an automated RSS to Twitter service and for some reason the RSS feed reset and the Twitter account was then flooded with several years of postings from the RSS feed.

After dissociating the automated feed from the Twitter account, she then had to tackle cleaning up the Twitter feed which contained hundreds of old tweets.  After making a start on deleting them one by one from the Twitter account I managed to get her a list of mass deletion tools and services.  We quickly tried a few of them out and the one we found worked best was one called Delete Multiple Tweets.

This is a web based service that displays the tweets on a page in large groups and gives you the option to pick and mass select tweets.  Hopefully you’ll never need to make use of it, but bad things happen and when they do you can be glad that things like this exist.

Author: Stephen Millard
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