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ReaddleDocs is an iPhone/iPod touch app that allows you to download files from web sites (amongst other things).  Frequently you may find you want to download something when you’re browsing the web in Safari.  To open the page in ReaddleDocs, you just need to prefix the url with an “r” - i.e. “http://” becomes “rhttp://”.

This is really quite simple to do, but I sometimes have a bit of an issue in that for a long URL scrolling to the start in Safari can be surprisingly tricky.  My solution was to create a very simple bookmarklet that simply does this for me.

So here’s the 10 simple steps to add a ReaddleDocs bookmarklet…

  1. Bookmark this page in Safari on your iPod or iPhone.
  2. Copy the text in the bookmarklet section below this list of instructions.
  3. Select your bookmarks list.
  4. Select “Edit”.
  5. Select the bookmark you just made.
  6. Rename the bookmark to something relevant - e.g. “Open in ReaddleDocs”.
  7. Delete the URL.
  8. Paste the text you copied from the bookmarklet section below into the URL.
  9. Select “Done”.
  10. Select “Done” and you should return to the browser window.



When you want to reopen the page in ReaddleDocs, just select the bookmarklet and ReaddleDocs will open and automatically load the page.

Author: Stephen Millard
Tags: | ipad | iphone | ipod |

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