A new beginning in the asylum

The bank holiday weekend has given me an opportunity to catch up on some work I’ve been toiling over the last few weeks.  My last blog post was a month ago and I’ve been desperate to get on top of one project in particular so that I can catch up on some blogging.  That project is the migration and consolidation of several of my blogs into one single site - thoughtasylum.com.

I want to expand the topics about which I’m blogging and bring everything back together.  I’ve kind of come full circle from my first steps into the blogosphere and whilst I plan to continue posting primarily about technology, coding, etc. I also want to put some more efforts into posting about some other topics I’m relatively familiar with.

The posts will be categorised so if you are only interested in following my blogging on a particular strand that should be possible too.

Currently the site isn’t perfect and I’ve still got some work to do in cleaning up posts (sorting out broken links and images) and directing each page from my old blogs to their respective new homes on this site.  So far I’ve managed the 160 or so page migration to the point where the pages are all formatted reasonably nicely.  I’m sorry that everything isn’t perfect at the moment but I promise that I’ll be working on this and adding new features to the site in the coming weeks.

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