Keep your Mac awake with a shot of Caffeine

Power saving on computers is a big deal.  As well as being good for the environment it can also preserve battery life on mobile computers.  Occasionally however you need to keep your computer awake such as when giving a presentation.  Whilst many slide show applications override screen savers, screen dimming, etc. there can also be occasions where you might need to display something else - a video feed on a web page for example.

Whilst you can ‘mess around’ with power saving settings, there is another option for the Mac in the form of a beautifully simple free application called Caffeine.

Caffeine sits in your menu bar as a little coffee cup icon.  Simply click the icon to activate it and it will urn from an empty cup to a full steaming cup.  Right clicking on the icon lets you access the preferences or set a specific period for which to “stay awake” - the default period is set in the applications preferences.

This is an invaluable application for anyone who runs presentations or workshops using their Mac or even if you just use a web based video streaming service like the BBC’s iPlayer.

Author: Stephen Millard
Tags: | presentation | utilities |

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