An Old School Evernote Partnership

A chance look on Twitter today lead me to discover what I can only describe as a quaint partnership with Evernote in Japan.

I had thought that everything was digital in Japan these days and Evernote has certainly taken off in a big way this year.  However I was surprised to discover that abrAsus seem to have released what I assume is a notepad holder for use with Evernote.

Before you get stuck in to the rest of this post I think it’s only fair that you get to visualise what I’m talking about.  So have a peak and come straight back:

Now I love the fact that Evernote can OCR images and that if I have paper notes I can just dump them into a scanner and then put the resulting image or PDF into Evernote for indexing (my atrocious handwriting not withstanding in most cases).  However it seems that this is a particularly small note case with a familiar bright green hue colour and Elephant motif.  It has some interesting features in what look to be a lanyard loop and an ID card window.  I do like the pen loop, but I’m guessing the pen itself is not a standard size and is extra from the manufacturer.  It looks like it is for occasions when a full size A4 pad is not an option, but these days I’m struggling to work out when I might use this and if I’m folding an A4 into this pad holder (if that is an intention of the manufacturer) it will surely risk jamming any sheetfed scanner?

Prior to the smart phone revolution I used a tiny Filofax (which I still have tucked away) that was the same sort of size and idea.  I loved that I could reorganise notes in it and I do still occasionally carry it if I think I need to hand notes out to people.  These days I use my iPod touch (I need a replacement for my out of contract Windows mobile but am having trouble deciding at the moment) to capture notes and then sync direct to Evernote later.  I obviously can’t capture ink notes, but a quick scribble in a jotting app and then a screen dump and mailing direct to Evernote soon sort that out.

So why would anyone (let alone in Japan) need one of these?  Why aren’t they (assuming this item fulfils a real need) using a smart phone, or other Evernote enabled piece of technology?  I’m not sure … but I’m guessing that someone out there could give me a reason or two … please.

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