Project Desire 365 1.0

Today I’ve started a new project that’s going to take me a year and will need some creativity, a steady hand and my new phone.

I’ve called the project Desire 365 1.0. Not exactly a catchy name, but I’ll explain. My new phone is an HTC Desire which has a built in camera. So the plan is to try a 365 project which is simply taking and uploading a new photo every day. The 1.0 is just an indication that this is my first attempt at such a project.

I’m restricting myself to only using the phone (assuming I don’t break it) for taking and editing the photos. Unfortunately there’s no Squarespace Android App out yet that will allow me to upload to this site, so I’ll be doing that from one of my larger computers. I may not get chance to upload on a particular day, but I’ll try and get things up online as soon as I can.

Hopefully I won’t forget and I’m aiming to get a mix of beautiful, interesting and bizarre images. I’ll try and add some detail about each photo noting anything I think might be useful about what it is and how I took it. So take a peek at the Desire 365 1.0 gallery every now and then and join me on a snapshot view of my life for the next year.

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