Three Recommendations for Evernote's Trunk

A little while back, Evernote launched a new feature known as the trunk.  It is a platform through which Evernote promoted partnerships and integrations with the Evernote system.  Whilst it is a new system I have three ideas on how to make it even better.

Here are my suggestions…

1. New & Notable vs Newly Notable

The trunk currently has a section on the “home page” that shows newly notable items.  I’m not sure how the entries are chosen, but I’m guessing that someone at Evernote has the task of just specifying some items to highlight for a period of time.

I’d like to suggest that this is left as a notable section that functions like the Apple staff picks in the Apple app store.  Perhaps once every two weeks a member of Evernote staff gets to highlight their favourite integration and say a little about why they love it.

I’d also like to see something that similarly highlights anything that’s new, so for example every two weeks any new additions to the trunk also get specifically highlighted.  This would help people discover new services and items as they are added.

It would be easier still to get an RSS feed and/or mailing list to support this.

2. Filtering

When I’m looking through the trunk I may not be searching for something in particular, but I’m often looking for something in a particular category (to-do lists, images, PDFs) or platform (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, …).  It would be helpful to be able to filter the trunk by a category and or platform.

3. Notebook Updates Indicator

The notebooks section in the trunk includes notebooks you can load straight into your Evernote account.  I would imagine that these may receive updates over time (certainly Ron’s Evernote Tips will as it is inspired bythe web site) so it would be a big advantage to get some sort of indicator as to when a notebook I had in my account was updated.  Now I may have modified a note so there’s probably some additional thought to go into how versions are managed (merging vs. duplication), but I’d like the option to update nonetheless.

So that’s my three things.  What would you recommend to Evernote to improve the trunk?

Author: Stephen Millard
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