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Do you suffer from finger prints on any of your touch screen devices?  Do you ever forget things and wish that you had a photographic memory? Well maybe Evernote has the solution…

Okay the link between these two is a little tenuous, but if you do ever forget things do get yourself an Evernote account and this can be your second brain for storing all that extra stuff you would otherwise lose to the mental ether. The link to smudged screens … an Evernote screen wipe.

A little while ago Evernote started selling some screen wipes.  These are no ordinary screen wipes.  One side is a micro fibre cleaning cloth, but the other side is sticky and allows you to keep the wipe in particularly convenient places such as on the edge of a monitor or the back of a phone.

This sticky back is not adhesive, but will stick and re-stick to pretty much any smooth surface. This is great as it then doesn’t leave any sticky residue.  Since there’s no adhesive to lose, it’s stickiness should be maintained.  I’m not actually sure if it willI ever lose its stickiness, but I guess eventually everything wears out.  In a sense the sticky back works just like the feet of an insect so you could stick it to a window, a monitor, an ipad case or pretty much anything that’s relatively smooth and dry.

I bought a few pairs of wipes (along with an Evernote sticker pack) and had them shipped over to the UK so I could give them a go with my iPad as it is the best device for gathering screen smudges that I have and anything to help keep the screen clean is a boon.

Even though I read the notes on the wipes and I knew how big they were I was still a bit surprised when I saw how small they were in real life.  They are big enough to put a couple of fingers of pressure behind when I’m cleaning my screen, but it’s enough to get the job done.  It isn’t as quick as using a cleaning cloth as these can be bunched up an more pressure applied using the whole hand, but in a pinch quick and easy access to an Evernote wipe is just really useful.

The stickiness seems pretty good but I have had a wipe fall off once so I now regularly check to make sure the couple of wipes I have on the inside of my iPad case are firmly attached.  When one is coming loose I give the back a quick wipe over with my (clean and dirt free) finger to remove any fibres or dirt stuck on the back of the wipe.  This seems to refresh the stickiness and I am still yet to actually lose one (though I do have some spares).

So whilst I always try to carry a cleaning cloth with my iPad, the convenience of the Evernote sticky wipes is great for quick access and (to bring things full circle) I don’t always remember to carry a cleaning cloth so this means I don’t have to remember any more.  The sticker also attracts the occasional interest at which point I can explain what the wipe is and also extol the virtues of one of my favourite apps - Evernote.

Author: Stephen Millard
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