Back from a break

It’s all been a bit quiet in the Thought Asylum for the last couple of months and I’m now in a position to get back into some blogging. So what’s been going on and what’s coming up. Allow me to explain…

Since the middle of January I’ve been struggling to find the right time and place to get some blogging done. With a new addition in the family I don’t get so much chance to pop into a coffee shop and rattle something off so I’m fairly restricted to blogging at home or in my lunch break at work. The problem is work has been rather busy and home has been without Internet since maybe the third week or so.

I’ve managed a few evenings and weekend afternoons at York’s central library with its free WiFi, but this time has predominantly been spent catching up on my emails many of which relate to my volunteering activities.

So now with a new ISP I have a restored Internet connection (though they’re currently working on improving the speed of access) and some more opportunity to get back to putting some posts up.

I’ve got a few ideas for things to be writing about, but the next few weeks continue to place some pretty high demands on my time so I’ll have to see how much I can get written up and posted.

There will definitely be some additional updates going up on this site relating to me. So if you’re a friend, a potential employer or just a general fan of the site there will be information just for you and links to things like social media sites and the like to get in touch with me.

Which brings me to a not so secret guilty secret - I finally went to the dark side and joined Facebook. In fact maybe my next post will be something relating to that….

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