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IMPORTANT: Please see additional updates at the end of this post.

At the time of writing, this new version of Alfred really is hot off the keyboard. It may be by the time you’re reading this post that the new features are on general release, but if not I grabbed my copy of Alfred 0.9.9 dev 1 build from the dev download page. The feature you’re going to need available is that of importing an extension in order to use this Evernote Search.

The packaged up version of my search Evernote script is available to download using the link below. Save the zip file to a convenient location then open up Alfred’s preferences. Navigate to the “Extensions” settings and simply drag and drop the zip file onto the window. On the new pop-up just click the “Import” button and you’ll now be looking at the Search Evernote extension.

Rather than running via osascript from the terminal, Alfred now allows AppleScript to be called directly. The script is almost identical to that posted previously, but now fits to the couple of lines of AppleScript Alfred uses to pass the query parameters in.

For more on how it all works go back and check out my previous post, but the real beauty is you can just import with a drag and drop and you’re ready to search.

Additional Updates

  1. Alfred 2.0 was released into Beta in January 2013. The search is now included as part of the Evernote Search+ workflow for Alfred 2.0.
Author: Stephen Millard
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