A Quick Tip for Researching iOS Apps

A couple of weeks ago I was involved in researching some iOS applications for a potential business need to connect iPads and iPhones to some internal systems. Some third party apps existed that would allow the access, but as part of the comparison price was a consideration only for every search I did on Google I got the US app store (and I’m not in the US).

This is just a nice, simple tip for getting to your country’s app store to ensure that the app is available and get accurate pricing. So when searching Google say for “Filamente”, an application for accessing Microsoft SharePoint from an iOS device, it is most likely that you’ll come across the following sorts of URLs:

Both of these take you to the United States app store and give the price in USD. I however wanted details for the UK app store. The solution is simple. We just need to insert a country code into the URL. For the UK this is “gb” (others would be jp, fr, de, au). This is either inserted (with a forward slash - “/”) into the URL with no country code in, or simply replaces the “us”. The URL (for theUK store) would thus become:

As well as pricing, you’ll also get a translation of the app description into another language where the primary language of the country isn’t English.

As I said, just a quick tip, but useful if you’re not in the US and doing some iOS app research from a desktop computer.

Author: Stephen Millard
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