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The following blog post was originally posted to the SAP Community Network on 29 January 2013.

Well January’s almost over and it’s the twilight of my days as SCN Member of the Month. So it seemed to be a good time to reflect on my time in the spotlight so to speak.

First of all I was amazed and hugely flattered to be chosen as a member of the month. Having followed the initiative since it started I was a little confused as to why such a newbie as myself had been selected, but during the course of my interview with Laure Cetin I gradually came to accept it more though I didn’t let on to anyone until I saw the SCN home page Member of the Month widget updated with my own eyes.

From that point on I was pleasantly surprised that so many people took the time to say something positive by leaving a comment on the interview post, a remark on Twitter and in some cases even e-mailing me directly. In fact most surprising was that I received some e-mails asking me for advice on how to get ahead in SAP - this mantle of SCN Member of the Month seems to come with some responsibility!

I found it quite hard to respond to these e-mails as I don’t think I’m particularly ahead in most respects within the SAP eco system. Whilst I’ve a fair few years under my belt working in the IT industry I’m not even a year and a half into my SAP career and am in effect a fairly junior consultant. Hopefully my responses have given these individuals some ideas and goals to push for; maybe even a little inspiration.

The prominent exposure on SCN was thankfully well received in my organisation - it did briefly cross my mind they might infer I was spending too much time on SCN. I believe my line manager and chief executive were particularly pleased as they have both been really supportive in terms of my contribution to the community through my efforts on the discussion boards (notably the “SAP Organizational Visualization by Nakisa and SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa” space) and my blog posts. I hope this will inspire some of my colleagues to contribute a little more to the community.

From a personal point of view it’s certainly given me a shot of extra confidence. Being selected from such a large community was a great start and then added to that I also gained a number of new followers on SCN, Twitter, Google+ and even a new connection or two on LinkedIn. So thank you to everyone who has followed me. It also encouraged me to get a few more of my languishing blog posts finished off and out onto SCN.

So what’s next? Well given my success so far I guess I’ll continue doing the same … or rather more of the same and hopefully getting better each time. I really want to improve the quality and value of my discourse which I think will come with more experience (both on SCN and in my consulting work). Perhaps I’ll even give some inspiration to a future SCN member of the month? Who knows?

So good luck to all those future SCN members of the month. I look forward to reading your stories and for the inspiration you’ll undoubtedly provide.

Author: Stephen Millard
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