Add Google Contacts Photo Direct from Web

Some time ago, Google contacts used to include an option which allowed you to add a profile picture for a contact directly from a web site. At some point last year this option disappeared, but did you know the functionality is still there?

So this is a really quick and simple tip for Windows users (I couldn’t find a simple and direct option to get this to work on Mac). When you’re next adding a new contact in the web interface for Google contacts, select the option to add a picture by clicking on the head shot silhouette. This will display the select contact photo window.

It indicates that you can drag photos onto it or select them from your computer. Click on the option to select to open up the file browser. Now copy the URL of the picture you wish to use (usually an option when you right click on an image in your browser) and paste it into the file name in the open file dialog box. Then select “Open”.

Google contacts will upload the file into a Google Plus album (which you may later wish to reorganise) and add it to the contact.

I find this really useful when I find a new contact’s details on LinkedIn as I can then add the link to their profile and their profile image to my Google contact details really quickly.

Author: Stephen Millard
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