Automators 7 Shout Out

I occasionally get mentions on my favourite podcasts, and it was a lovely surprise to hear my name mentioned on Episode 7 of the relatively new Automators podcast.

The mention is towards the end of the podcast where a few of the most active Automators community members were mentioned. Whilst Rose didn’t get the reference to my user name on the forum, it was, as ever, nice to have the mention.

You can listen to the episode over on the site, or subscribe in your favourite podcast app.

What’s with the user name of “sylumer”? Well that just comes from this web site ‘’. I matched my Twitter handle to the site so that the “@” was an “a”, and as someone at the asylum, I was an asylum-er. Hence my Twitter handle of @sylumer, and my handle in many other places of simply sylumer.

Author: Stephen Millard
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