Making Sense of the 2018 Q4 SAP SuccessFactors Update

The following post was originally posted to LinkedIn on 16 November 2018.

We’re fast approaching the end of the year and so it’s time for SAP to roll-out the last of their SAP SuccessFactors HCM product suite quarterly updates for the period. In Preview systems at the moment it seems SAP have been pushing as hard as ever to get some great updates out to clients.

As ever, my colleagues and I at Zalaris have been taking apart the information about the release and figuring out what’s actually important, and what has the greatest benefit potential for the customers. There’s certainly been a lot of new and interesting updates to pick through, so it’s a pretty jam packed review overall.

Over the course of the past week, we’ve been publishing the articles in our new format (from the last release), and feedback has been universally positive. But we’re always looking to improve, so if you happen to have any suggestions, or even just want to confirm their usefulness, please do consider adding a comment below.


Post A - Introduction to the SuccessFactors Q4 2018 Release by Stephen Burr.

Post B - SuccessFactors Q4 2018 Release: Part 1 of 5

Articles on:

  1. Compensation & Variable Pay by Sailesh Mistry.
  2. Employee Central Payroll, Time and Benefits by James Clough.

Post C - SuccessFactors Q4 2018 Release: Part 2 of 5

Articles on:

  1. Employee Central by Stephanie Perks.
  2. Employee Central Service Centre by Stephen Millard.

Post D - SuccessFactors Q4 2018 Release: Part 3 of 5

Articles on:

  1. Recruiting by Anisha Rajput.
  2. Onboarding by Adam Chelmowski.
  3. Employee Central Integration and S/4 HANA by Stephen Hammond.

Post E - SuccessFactors Q4 2018 Release: Part 4 of 5

Articles on:

  1. SuccessFactors Mobile by Helen Dunn.
  2. Succession & Development and Calibration by Jakub Królikowski.
  3. Performance & Goals by Anisha Rajput.

Post F - SuccessFactors Q4 2018 Release: Part 5 of 5

Articles on:

  1. SAP Jam by an anonymous Zalaris author.
  2. Platform, Analytics & Reporting by Mounika Annam.

Post G - SuccessFactors Q4 2018 Review Summary by Stephen Burr.


As I mentioned above. If you found the articles useful, or see an area where we could improve them, do let me know. Do also pass the details on directly, or via social media, to others who you think may gain some benefit from the review.

Author: Stephen Millard
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