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The Elgato Stream Deck is a versatile piece of hardware that allows you to have dynamic buttons to trigger processes on your computer via the Stream Deck software. These can then trigger actions such as interacting with a piece of software insalled on your device, or even an online or network service, which in turn can do things like automatically update a social media profile, or turn on lighting in your home/office. Each button is programmable, even dynamically, to display text and images to illustrate the current purpose of a button. But where do the images that you can use come from, and where can you get them?

Customising your Stream Deck to work exactly the way it suits you and your workflows is critical to getting the best from it. This includes ensuring that the iconography that you apply is meaningful to you. But, if like me,your artistic slant falls somewhere south of stick figures, then quickly finding icons you can utilise is a real boon, and in this post I’m going to share a number of useful resources I have found to save you even more time on grabbing some great icons for use with your Stream Deck.

Stream Deck Icon Packs

The following list is presented alphabetically, and while not every set of icons will be appropriate for everyone, there’s probably at least one set that you will find useful.

Site Information
Corcules - StreamDeck Icon Pack Almost 200 icons hosted on GitHub. Select the “Clone or Download” option and the download ZIP to get them.
Frontier - Elite Dangerous Pack Just a handful of icons on this one, created for Elite Dangerous players, but many are certainly generic enough that they can be reused elsewhere.
Nerd or Die - Aurora Icon Pack Over 200 icons available on a pay what you like basis, that also include PSD files for those of you who might want to build on them.
Nerd Or Die - Clarity Icon Pack Over 180 icons available on a pay what you like basis, that also include PSD files for those of you who might want to build on them.
Semi-Reject - Icon Pack This icon pack contains over 300 background, border and overlay based icons. The original page at isn’t available at the time of posting, but the resource file is still there if you know where to look.
The Nominator - Font Awesome Icon Pack This pack is hosted on Dropbox, and contains 1,300 icons based on the “awesome” Font Awesome resource.
Visuals By Impulse - Rainbow Icon Pack This pack is rather large, coming in at over 200 icons in 8 variations for a staggering 1,600 icons in total.

Non-Stream Deck Icon Packs

There’s also several sets of icons from Touch Portal that are to work with their own product (a Stream Deck competitor), but that also work with the Stream Deck; they are just images for buttons after all. For Touch Portal users, I guess the reverse is true as well, so grab yourself some Stream Deck resources for yourself if you end up here.

Below are the links to the various ZIP, TPI and TPZ files. Download the file you want. If it isn’t a ZIP file, rename the file to be a ZIP file. If it is a ZIP file, have a look inside for a TPI or TPZ file, rename that one, and open it up. The quality of these is quite variable in my opinion, but it’s an easy pick up of lots of images that you could use as overlays in an image creator, if not a full icon.

Official Creator Web Site

It would be remiss of me not to mention that there is also the Elgato Key Creator which you can access via the Create New Icon option on the Stream Deck app’s icon menu for a button. Here there are lots of pick and choose optiomns as well as an option to upload images, meaning you could use any number of free image an icon resources on the Internet, and then export an image for use with the Stream Deck. This is a little more effort, but gives you a vast range of customisation.


Hopefully that gives you at least one useful set of icons, but if you know of any other useful packs that Stream Deck users might be interested in, send me a tweet at @sylumer on Twitter, and I’ll consider adding it to this post. Do of course share this list on with any of your Stream Deck using friends and colleagues too.

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