Drafts: TADpoLe Library Refresh Fix

While I definitely tested the update mechanism for the ThoughtAsylum Drafts Library, somehow between testing and release a small change crept in that has resulted in at least one user (probably more) not being able to easily refresh the library, which is part of the ThoughtAsylum Action Group set-up. Fixes are already in place in the library and the action group. Users having issues should update the action group to the latest version from the action directory and run the usual update and refresh action.

Should that not work, please download and run this action which will force an update of the settings JSON file and directly download the library file to the expected library file name, regardless of what is specified in the settings. It utilises the embedded TADpoLe library in the TAD-Library action, so it is necessary to have a version of the ThoughtAsylum Action Group available.

Thanks to FlohGro on the Drafts forums for reaching out and letting me know about this one.

Author: Stephen Millard
Tags: | drafts | tadpole |

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