Evernote is a cloud based note taking system. A central store of notes is kept on Evernote’s servers and may be accessed via a special web client. Evernote also provide software clients for a myriad of platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iPod/iPhone/iPad, Palm and Blackberry. Changes are synchronised from client to the cloud and vice versa (depending upon platform and account type in some cases).

Almost every day (and typically several times a day) I’ll enter data into Evernote and synchronise it across several devices. I have access to my information pretty much everywhere and from everything. This leaves my mind free to focus on more important things and not worrying about remembering every little thing - that’s all in Evernote.

Because Evernote is so versatile and useful and I use it so frequently, I have come up with a number of tips, tools and strategies to help me use the software.

Evernote Posts


Template Description Published Links
Code Snippet A template to keep details of programming code. 06/05/2010 Example; Blank Template
Coloured Backgrounds Blank notes with simple background colours - see colour coded templates post. 07/05/2010 Blue; Brown; Green; Grey; Orange; Purple; Red; Yellow
Journal A blank template with automatic date/title building 15/03/2010 Creating a daily journal in Evernote
Lesson Plan A template to form the basis of a generic lesson plan 06/05/2010 Example; Blank Template
Meeting Minutes A template to record the attendance, decisions and actions of a meeting. 06/05/2010 Example; Blank Template
SQL Snippet A template to keep details of database queries. 06/05/2010 Example; Blank Template