Curriculum Vitae - Stephen Millard - Analyst Developer, OM:Y2K, General Accident Life

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Analyst Developer, OM:Y2K

Organisation: General Accident Life

Period: November 1997 - September 1999


Migration of existing functionality from legacy platforms to a new platform on a mainframe. Responsible for analyis, design, coding, testing, deployment and support of contained areas of migrated functionality.  Support maintained until a suitable warranty period had occurred after which a full handover to the OM support team was carried out.


Working on migrating functionality in legacy systems to a newer workflow management system (‘Office Management’ a.k.a. ‘OM’) as part of the Y2K programme.  During this time I  developed particular expertise in all aspects for printing from OM and was recognised as a departmental expert in OM document management.

I also developed a number of developer tools as part of the in-house RAD workbench suite and sets of documentation from scratch on new functionality and OM document management.

Skill Set:

  • Development on mainframe based (OS390/zOS) in-house “Office Management” system (CICS COBOL).
  • JCL for code compilation submissions.
  • Endevor used for code management.
  • Infoman used for incident management, problem management and change process.
  • RAD development methodlogies.
  • Development of developer support tools in REXX.

Additional Roles at Organisation: