Curriculum Vitae - Stephen Millard - Consultant, ROC UK

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Organisation: ROC (Purchased by Zalaris in 2017)

Period: December 2015 - Current


  • Consulting for clients on SAP Visualization Solutions by Nakisa (SAP VSN).
  • Consulting for clients on employee benefits management and engagement using Darwin by Thomsons Online Benefits.
  • Migration and maintenance of corporate web site.
  • Implementation for Employee Central Service Centre (Cloud for Customer Service combined with SuccessFactors Employee Central).
  • Pre-sales support for SuccessFactors.
  • Development of documentation and materials to support activities listed above.


Working within ROC as a consultant to deliver a variety of HCM solutions. Primarily focussed on delivering Visualization Solutions by Nakisa and employee benefits solutions by Thomsons Online Benefits to UK and global clients.

Configuration of SAP VSN solutions has included bespoke customisations and exposure to full lifecycle, from sales through blueprinting, installation, configuration, testing, training, implementation and ongoing support.

Skill Set:

  • Standard customisation of SAP VSN through Admin Console.
  • Advanced customisation of SAP VSN through XML modifications.
  • Employee Central Service Centre configuration.
  • Darwin solution design for Thomsons Online Benefits.
  • Database integration - MS SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Automation - scripting (UNIX & Wintel).
  • Remote working - conferencing (VOIP, telecon, etc.), cloud-based collaboration tools, VPN & remote access.
  • Presentations - delivery and materials.
  • Documentation - project, technical, training, sales & marketing.
  • Training - end user and technical.
  • Digital content - web content creation & CMS operation, social media (text & video based).


  • Various (UK & International).

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