Workflow Example: Combining PDFs

The combine list items workflow example takes two lists and concatenates the corresponding entries by position. The first item of the first list and first item of the second list are paired, the second item of each list is paired and so on through to the last item

The workflow begins by creating a list from a set of text. It does this by splitting the lines of text into list items. The workflow then repeats this for a second set of text; producing a second list.

A repeat lop is then used to iterate through the second list. The number of the repeat item is used to fetch a list item (by index) from the first list. These are then concatenated (with a pipe/vertical bar as a separator) within a Text action.

The text is then added to a variable. Each addition creates a new item effectively building a new list in the variable. The variable is then returned at the end of the workflow.

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