Workflow Example: Send 3 Week Event List

This workflow is an example of how you can fetch sets of information from a calendar and send it to someone. This is a useful basis for sharing your availability with someone and can be easily customised to provide more or less information depending upon how much information you might choose to share with the recipient.

The workflow searches through a particular calendar (“Test Calendar”) to find details of all of the events coming up in the next three weeks. It takes each event in turn and extracts the title, start date & time and end date & time. These are collected together as a set of text with a blank line between each event’s details.

The workflow takes this set of event information and prompts the user to e-mail the content (where upon it will open up a mail message with the content pre-populated into the body of the e-mail), message the content (to a predetermined recipient ‘555 123456’) or copy it to the clipboard.

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