Workflow Example: Split by Two New Lines

This workflow is really an example of how to split paragraphs of text where a blank line is used to create a paragraph spacer. More over there is an option within Workflow to split data by newlines, but not by a newline followed by or preceded by something else (e.g. another new line).

The workflow begins with what is probably the key step. Defining the two newlines. Many of the text entry areas are single line and standard tokens such as “\n” are not recognised. As a result a Text action is used and simply contains two new lines. It looks blank … but they are there.

The workflow then saves this to a variable for use later and sets out some example content to be split. Note the use of single and double lines.

The Split Text action is then used to split this text using a custom separator of the variable set earlier.

The result is then displayed and you can swipe through to see the content of each item.

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