Workflow Example: Stats

Workflow has a statistics calculation action that takes a set of numeric data and performs one f a variety of statistical operations on it. This workflow is simply an example of the use of these statistics.

The workflow begins with a text based list of five numbers. Each number Is held on a separate line which is then split by new line and stored in the Data variable as multiple items of data.

A new Text action then lists the available statistical operations by name. This is again split by new line, but this is passed to a repeat block. Each repeat iteration will therefore correspond to one of the statistics.

The numeric data is passed into a statistical calculation operation defined by the input list and the resulting calculation type and result is appended to a variable called Output. Note by using he variable by name we’re bypassing the combining of results if we were simply to add them to a variable.

The results of all of the statistical calculations are then displayed via a Quick Look action.

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