Evernote is a cloud based note taking system.  A central store of notes is kept on Evernote's servers and may be accessed via a special web client.  Evernote also provide software clients for a myriad of platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iPod/iPhone/iPad, Palm and Blackberry.  Changes are synchronised from client to the cloud and vice versa (depending upon platform and account type in some cases).

Evernote and Me

Evernote is quite simply fantastic.  Almost every day (and typically several times a day) I'll enter data into Evernote and synchronise it across several devices.  I have access to my information pretty much everywhere and from everything.  This leaves my mind free to focus on more important things and not worrying about remembering every little thing - that's all in Evernote.

Because Evernote is so versatile and useful and I use it so frequently, I have come up with a number of tips, tools and strategies to help me use the software.  The links below will take you to resources on this site for Evernote.