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Back in ‘97 I was working on a visual tool for the solution of some algebraic equations as part of my Masters in Computer Science and I reached a point quite quickly where my code exceeded 32KB.  Windows notepad stopped working.  I had a magazine CD lying around with loads of free and shareware tools on it so I had a browse through the CD and I came across a text editor that fit the bill.  It was actually quite cool and it had a tabbed interface and let me open several files at once that were bigger than 32KB - I was very impressed.

A few days later I was in a campus computer room and I thought I’d check the web site for the development of the software to see if there was a newer version.  There was and I seem to recall that the name changed slightly too.   it was then that I downloaded NoteTab.

This version introduced lots of new features and most interestingly a scripting language and it was freeware!  This was how I really got into using this text editor.

I’ll blog about various things I’ve developed using this text editor, but today I noticed that a new version 5.7 has been released.  You can download it from

I now use the professional version at home which has some really cool extra stuff and the light version at work.   The professional version is also really quick and at $29.95 (approx. £15) I think its well worth it and quite a bargain, but try the light version before you buy and you’ll have nothing to lose.

The one thing it could really do with is the option to colour code syntax.  The developer has been working on a base code rewrite that will include a text editing component will support this for quite some time and there’s no sign of this yet, but it will be the final thing for me that would just make this the perfect editor.  For now I can survive without the colour (though it does support HTML syntax colouring currently) and after more than a decade is still THE best text editor I’ve found and my editor of choice … and remember folks it is totally free … simply stunning.

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